Before using Landscape for the first time, it helps to understand how it organizes your data and the terms it uses to describe the things that you talk about every day.

The Basics

Here are the fundamental types of data that landscape uses

Tracts Physical Pieces of Land

Tracts represent a physical piece of land and its characteristics. Tracts can be described by various attributes related to where they are in space, such as a polygon on a map, a civil jurisdiction, or a congressional district.

Tracts may be associated with one or more persons or entities that hold some interest in that piece of land, but they don't represent your organization's interest in that land.

Tracts are the basic building blocks of your Projects.

Property Acquisitions Your Properties and the Activities to Secure Them

Property Acquisitions represent your organization's interest in one or more Tracts and the set of activities and information you do and collect to secure that interest. Property Acquisitions can represent any interest you wish to keep track of: conservation easements, 3rd-party enforcement, mineral rights, water rights, management rights, etc. Property Acquisitions are where you track your internal approval process, funding resources, and due diligence activities.

Stewardships activities to manage and uphold your Properties

Stewardships represent the set of activities and information you do and collect to manage and uphold your Properties. All of your monitoring and enforcement activities, landowner reserved rights and approval request tracking, and land management activities are within Stewardship.

Dispositions activities to sell or transfer all or part of a Property

Dispositions represent the set of activities and information you do and collect to sell, transfer, or otherwise dispose of all or some Tracts associated with a Property that you hold.

Projects Containers to manage work around a set of activities

Projects can help you manage the acquisition of one or more properties by defining tasks and workflow. Projects could be used for a single Property Acquisition or complex scenarios involving multiple acquisitions or Stewardship activities.

Get Started

Now that you understand the components that make up your Landscape database, take a look at this knowledge base article to start adding data.