Welcome, Dan!

This month we welcomed Dan Ford to the Landscape team. Prior to joining Dendroyka Dan worked at a regional land trust, Heritage Conservancy, where he focused on leveraging technology for property acquisition and stewardship. He built his knowledge in conservation and tech while working in environmental consulting and software development for civic, social, and environmental impact. He has presented at conferences around the country and abroad about technology. Dan loves to learn, and spends most of his free time [after the kids go to sleep] studying new software technologies, designing maps, and planning his next backpacking trip. Ask him about his favorite backpacking spot!

We got to know Dan first through the excellent tickets he would submit to the help desk (yes, tickets can be excellent!). We’re excited to welcome someone to the team who has spent significant time working with Landscape and who loves maps as much as we do. Dan will be assisting us with many things around the office, but will be concentrating on product development.