You've got all this data. Now what?

Making your data easily available to everyone in your organization is what brings the value of LANDSCAPE front and center. Your board, executive director, and fund-raising team will all be singing in the streets when they see what questions they can answer about your conservation program with just a few button clicks.

The Conservation Dashboard exposes your key statistics without a single click.

Some of the data that can be displayed on your personal Conservation Dashboard are:

  • Conservation success metrics
  • Active acquisitions by group
  • Completed acquisitions by group
  • Easements to monitor
  • Acquisition map
  • Tasks needing your attention
  • Acquisition history graph
  • And more...

Impress everyone with fully customizable reports.

Anything can be exported to a report. Here are some examples:

  • Monitoring reports
  • Baseline photo pages
  • Active acquisition summaries for the board
  • Monitoring visits completed year-to-date
  • Open monitoring issues
  • Active landowner approvals
  • Pending grant applications
  • And more...