How long does it take to transition to Landscape?

Each organization is unique.  Generally, importing data you have in a spreadsheet takes very little time (a day or two, depending on the form of the data). But the full conversion process usually happens in multiple passes over time. Since Landscape is built to accommodate the needs of all land conservation organizations – from all volunteer town-wide organizations to national land trusts with dozens of staff – It’s usually very easy to establish the basic framework of your properties in Landscape from an initial set of data. It is then an issue of how to prioritize the importing/data entry for the rest of the data you’d like the software to have. We are here to help guide you through the process and offer tips on best practices. You can read more on this process here.

What’s included in the onboarding service?

For organizations who don’t want to enter their data by hand, we offer an onboarding service at an hourly rate.  This includes:

  1. Consultation about data structure in Landscape and how your data can best fit within the Landscape framework.  You send or give us access to your digital data (spreadsheets, shapefiles, Access databases, etc.).
  2. Importing of the following data, often in distinct batches as we work out the kinks and fine tune everything according to your needs:
    • Property data
    • Contact data
    • Monitoring Data
    • GIS data
  3. Three one-hour follow-up training sessions, covering whatever you need, but most often touching on Stewardship, Projects, and the Mobile App.  We find that organizations often have a number of questions as they’re just getting started which can be most easily answered in a screen-share meeting format.

Following that, any additional batch imports will require special programming, but are available for an additional hourly fee. Read more about what we can import here.

What sort of support do you offer users?

In addition to our ever-expanding knowledge base, which includes videos and how-to articles, we are just a quick email or phone call away, and are always happy to answer any questions you have. We are also constantly improving the software based on user feedback.

How secure is my data?

Landscape is built on a world-class cloud server platform (Microsoft Azure). All data is backed up and/or stored redundantly in multiple locations, meaning a catastrophic failure of one server will not result in the loss of your data. For peace of mind, you can also periodically download data to your local server at your convenience. Read more about that here.

All your data is password protected and all communications between your web browser and the server is encrypted using the latest standard encryption technology.

How many users are included in the subscription fee?

As many as you need!* We want Landscape to be accessible to volunteers as well as staff, so you can invite as many users as you need to. Landscape also supports user groups – meaning you can control access and edit privileges for different users.

*for qualified non-profits

What’s with all the birds?

We really like birds and Caleb is a recovering bird lister. Dendroyka is a more phonetic spelling (in Caleb’s opinion) of Dendroica – a now defunct genus of Wood Warblers (e.g. Dendroica fusca) that you’ll only find in older field guides.