Take LANDSCAPE with you into the field.

LANDSCAPE Mobile makes it easy to collect important data in the field and automatically synchronize it with LANDSCAPE on the web.

Get it on Google Play

On your device, search "Land Conservation Software" in the App Store or in Google Play.
Requires iOS 11 or higher or Android 6.0 or higher

View and Edit Monitoring Visit Details

  • Capture date of visit, method of travel, visit summary and more
  • View property interest holder and associate contact information
  • View baseline and prior monitoring visit documents
  • Fill out monitoring form questions with multiple choices, pick lists, or short answer responses
  • View the results of prior-year visits

Record Land-Management Actions Right in the Field

  • Indicate areas of work
  • Take photos and attach them to map items
  • Navigate to issue areas to record new work or update photos

Collect Pre-Acquisition Site Assessment Data

  • Track your route
  • Take photos and attach them to map items
  • Draw polygons around areas of interest
  • Take notes about your visit

Take Geocoded Photos

  • The photo button is available from anywhere in the visit
  • Photos are geocoded with current location and added to the map
  • Camera captures the direction you are facing*
  • View current location accuracy as you take photos
  • Immediately add a description to each photo you take if desired

*Not all devices have compass sensors

View Map Data

  • Maps show property boundaries, baseline photopoints, current issue areas, and more
  • Track your location and save the route to your map
  • View historical photopoints
  • Switch between aerial photo, topography, and streets basemaps

Work Offline

  • Setting a property "Offline" saves all the data you need to your device
  • When you reconnect to the Internet, your data will be synchronized
  • Location data works as long as your device has GPS connectivity


The LANDSCAPE Mobile app is free so you can install it on any number of devices. You only pay for connecting the app to your LANDSCAPE subscription. The price of the connection scales with your subscription pricing. Check the pricing page for details.

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