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are stewarded with Landscape

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What can Landscape do for your organization?

Comprehensive Project Management

Customizable and replicable task lists to track due diligence on acquisitions, restorations, and stewardship projects

Keep tabs on budgets, funding sources, and expenses

Assign tasks to different users. Visualize project tasks on a timeline. Receive email alerts about upcoming deadlines

“Landscape made it possible for us to make a smooth transition to working from different locations.”

Susan, Brandywine Conservancy

Mapping Designed for Conservation

Conservation is map-dependent. View your GIS data in a context that makes sense: alongside the Landscape records you’re using to capture information.

Easily import shapefiles, geotagged photos, .kml or .gpx files. Export shapefiles or .kml files for further processing with GIS software

Custom service map layers allow you to query publicly hosted map layers like county parcel data, wetland layers, or rare species habitats (if available in your area)

“Makes monitoring 1000% easier”

Jim, Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation

Robust Data Tabulation and Reporting

Landscape Views allow you to query, group, sort, count, and summarize your data within your browser.

Fully customizable Reports allow you to merge any data in your account into a .pdf format.

Send reports to other staff members for review and finalization within Landscape

Life changing after converting from having everything in a million places.”

Chelsea, California Farmland Trust

Document Archiving and Contact Management

Intuitive document storage designed to help you find the document you need where you need it.

Upload the documents directly to Landscape – 100GB of storage (and more if you need it) with every account.

Integrate with popular cloud storage solutions like Google Drive™, Sharepoint™, and DropBox™

Use Landscape’s contact management system alone, or integrate with popular CRM tools Little Green Light™ or Salesforce™

Mobile Site Visits with Custom Forms

Completely offline data collection with your iOS or Android device. Navigate your properties, take photos, and fill out forms with or without data connectivity.

Access to the documents you need when you need them. Easements, BDRs, and past monitoring reports at your fingertips in the field.

Review past photos, issues, and monitoring tracks

Use in conjunction with Landscape reports to automate the creation of monitoring reports and baseline report photo sheets. Create completed reports in mere minutes!

“Built for the job at hand!”

Dana, Legacy Land Conservancy

The best way to understand how Landscape works is to schedule a demo and see it in action!

“Our little land trust was growing up fast. We needed a way to clearly track and store project details and easily aggregate statistics about our projects for our Board of Directors and funders. Landscape has helped us do that beautifully.”

Marc Hudson, Fmr. Land Protection Director

“Landscape has changed how we manage our stewardship data. Instead of searching through folders of excel sheets and word documents, we now have all our easement and property data in one place. We couldn’t be more pleased with Landscape!”

Ellen Gass, Stewardship Director

Find out what Landscape can do for your organization today. No obligations. No credit card required. 30-day free trial.