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  • 5 Features you may not know about in Landscape
    1. You can ‘un-group’ points on maps. If a map is zoomed out beyond a certain extent, Landscape will automatically group geographies and show you a count of the number of objects it has grouped together. If you don’t want your maps to do this, and instead want them to always display individual points (no …

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  • Release Notes: September 2021
    Updates: 9/18 Major update of desktop app included:A transition to a newer version of .net core for the application server; upgrade of the MongoDb database; transition to a 3rd-Party authentication provider that will improve security and will enable future offerings like multi-factor authentication and Single-Sign On for selected providers. 9/18 Added ability to import and …

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  • A naming convention that sticks.
    You don’t realize how important it is to have one name for a property until you need to get your data in order. Suddenly you realize that you’ve been referring to the ‘Smith Easement’ also as ‘Smith Forest’, ‘Rocky Forest’, and ‘Smith Easement (Jones)’, and accumulating all of the vital records can go from a …

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