LANDSCAPE works the way you do

because it is made by conservation professionals.

I created Landscape to address the great need I saw for simple but powerful data management for land conservation projects. Landscape is the culmination of several years' work building various systems to make the land conservation process easier to manage in the land trust I work for. Land conservation is a complicated business. I hope Landscape will make it just a little easier for your land trust.

Caleb Pourchot is Principal at Dendroyka LLC, maker of Landscape land conservation software. He worked at Groundswell Conservancy in Madison, WI for nearly a decade helping permanently protect some of the great places in south-central Wisconsin. Before joining the land trust community, Caleb was a software development executive for a division of Sony and hometown startup hero, Sonic Foundry.

Michael is Account Manager at Dendroyka LLC. He came to Landscape from the Trustees of Reservations, where he helped modernize their easement stewardship program, which oversees the largest private portfolio of easements in Massachusetts. Before that, Michael served as an Americorps land steward at a small regional land trust in Western Massachusetts. When Michael's not helping onboard new clients, writing knowledge base articles, or responding to tech support questions, he can be found in the woods with his horse Hazel practicing low impact forestry as Hilltown Horse Logging.