Landscape Release Notes: March 2022

List not exhaustive, and contains only major bugs and updates.


  • 3/8 – New Property & Stewardship Site Groups functionality. It’s been evident for a while that organizations need a clear way of being able to say ‘this property belongs with that other one (or those other ones) but they don’t necessarily need to be managed together’. This was the original idea behind the Property & Stewardship Site ‘Group’ field, which we introduced in 2020. However, as it existed since then, it was not very evident to users if a Property had been grouped with any others, and if so, what the total acreage of all the grouped properties was. The expanded Group feature allows organizations to clearly see whether a Property has been grouped with another, and users can now see views of just Property or Stewardship Site Groups. This can come in especially handy for organizations that use Property records to track Amendments or Phased Easements (in lieu of using an Amendments Asset), as you can add both the original Property record and the Amended Property record to the same Group. More in the KB article here.
  • 3/11 – Added 10 char ‘descript’ as possible match for Geography description import. Background: ArcGIS recently made the fieldname ‘DESC’ a reserved field name, which meant that users couldn’t import geography descriptions if they were using ArcGIS (as described in this article). This fixed that issue for those users.
  • 3/11 – Users can now copy/paste view links to give other users quick access to a view. Prior to this update, the link stopped at ‘/#/views’ for all views:
  • 3/11 – Added additional Stewardship Acreage field which allows count of disposed acres.
  • 3/15 – Added new Stewardship Site query/report field ‘Unique Properties’. This new field allows you to access Property data through a Stewardship Site and not have it duplicated if there are multiple Parcels from the same Property in the Site.
  • 3/15 – Added ‘Reset Default’ option to Map Layers settings. This will override all maps with the custom layer appearance you have defined in the settings.


  • 3/11 – ‘Active Contacts’ in Stewardship Site/Property Views not displaying correctly.
  • 3/21 – Deleting a funding disbursal record from within a Property record would appear to delete the next funding disbursal as well.
  • 3/21 – Agreement amount not displaying appropriately from property funding disbursal editor.