Landscape Release Notes: September 2021


  • 9/18 Major update of desktop app included:
    A transition to a newer version of .net core for the application server; upgrade of the MongoDb database; transition to a 3rd-Party authentication provider that will improve security and will enable future offerings like multi-factor authentication and Single-Sign On for selected providers.
  • 9/18 Added ability to import and export report templates.
  • 9/18 Added notification badges and numbers to sidebar tasks and projects buttons.
  • 9/18 Added more options to report review workflow.
  • 9/18 Changed ‘Saved Reports’ to ‘One-click Reports’ and updated workflow.
  • 9/18 Added helper text to Obligation editor
  • 9/18 Added ability to reorder budget templates
  • 9/18 Added ‘property size’ query in project creation wizard
  • 9/18 Funding agreement documents now appear in the associated property documents pane
  • 9/21 Added Acres query to new acquisition project wizard
  • 9/21 Added Views button to sidebar
  • 9/21 Updated ‘Copy Geography’ workflow. After selecting the copy layer button and choosing the layer from which to copy, users can now choose a single feature by clicking on it, or select the lasso tool manually to select multiple parcels.
  • 9/21 Added permanent ‘Sent reports’ navigation button to mailbox


  • 9/18 Mobile App 3.1.8 released — solved sign-in issue with some devices.
  • 9/18 Communications ‘Person’ selector now filters out duplicate contact entries (if multiple parcels with same contact in Property record)
  • 9/20 Mobile App 3.1.9 released — solved boundaries not appearing on initial startup
  • 9/21 Mobile App 3.1.10 released — solved user lockout for some iOS users
  • 9/24 Fixed unresponsive ‘Expand Map’ button
  • 9/27 Mobile App 3.1.11 released — solved sign in error for some users.
  • 9/27 Mobile App 3.1.12 released — Synchronization button to only stop moving once photos have all uploaded. Synchronization now only occurs when the button is pushed.